How to Relieve Natural Toothache

Almost everyone has experienced a toothache. A toothache can cause discomfort until it is very torturous. This condition occurs because of the emergence of pain around the teeth. Not just around the teeth, sometimes the area of the jaw and the ear can also experience pain due to a toothache that arises. Some people can also experience swelling in the area of teeth and gums, dizziness and fever.


There are many causes of the appearance of a toothache. Starting from cavities, infections, open tooth root, gum problems, jaw joints and so on. Pain caused not only cause discomfort but also can make the activity hampered. When we experience a toothache, consulting a doctor can be a good choice. Even so, you can also do treatment from home for quick treatment. Some ways to relieve a toothache below you can try at home:

Salt Water can Overcome a Toothache

Salt water can also cope with tooth pain accompanied by swelling of the gums. The ingredients to be prepared are only salt and warm water. Combine 1glass of warm water with 1 tablespoon of salt. How to treat a toothache with salt water that is using salt water to rinse. Do it when at night before bed. Of course, your pain will gradually disappear if done as often as possible.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves are widely used to overcome various diseases. It is also used as a way to relieve a toothache. Guava leaves are analgesic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. This content is certainly very good to relieve symptoms of a toothache. You simply chew one or two guava leaves to get the benefits. You can also boil four to five leafs in water. Let the water warm and then add a little salt. You can use this solution as a mouthwash.

Ice Cubes

Place small ice cubes in a plastic bag, then wrap again with a thin cloth and then apply on the area of the tooth that is sick. Allow about 15 minutes. This will turn off the nerves temporarily so that the pain can subside. You can also attach the bundle to the cheek. You can also try rubbing ice cubes between your index finger and thumb for a few minutes to relieve the pain.


Cloves have antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even anesthetic properties. This content can help relieve a toothache that you experience. The properties of the clove can also be used to fight infections that can worsen the problem. Mop two cloves then mix with a little olive oil. Pasta then you can apply on the tooth is sick. You can also apply cotton balls containing clove oil. Rub directly into the troubled tooth. Gargling water containing a few drops of clove oil can also help relieve toothaches.


Garlic can provide great benefits to overcome a toothache. The content of antibiotics in garlic will be very effective to reduce the pain in the tooth area. You can chew one or two cloves of garlic to relieve the symptoms. You can also apply a mixture of garlic powder and salt on a tooth that is sick. Repeat this for several days until the pain subsides.

Pepper and Salt

Saltwater solution is believed to relieve a toothache. Salt plus pepper can be the right combination when teeth become very sensitive. This mixture has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties. Make pasta by mixing some pepper and salt. Apply this mixture to a sore tooth and leave on for a few minutes. You can do this treatment every day.

Cleaning Teeth

Sometimes unwittingly there is leftover food that is still left in the mouth or between teeth. The rest of these foods can invite bacteria and problems that cause a toothache. Dental hygiene is very important to be on guard, so when toothache tooth hygiene is necessary to do. Clean between the teeth by using dental floss or dental floss. Toothache problems can also arise because you are wrong to use a toothbrush. If your teeth are sensitive it would be better if you choose the right toothbrush accordingly

Tips for Maintaining Your Kidney Health

The kidney is one of several vital organs in the body that function as a system of excretion in humans. Inside the body, there is a pair of kidneys located in the area near the waist. The length of one human kidney organ is about 10 cm and the weight range is more than 200 grams.


the kidneys play an important role in regulating acid-base balance, regulating blood pressure, stimulating the bone marrow to make red blood cells, helping to maintain calcium for bone. So big the role of the kidney in our body, we have to keep our kidney health. Here are tips on how to maintain kidney health:

Maintain a Diet for Your Kidney Health

Maintaining the health of the kidneys is by maintaining our diet. By eating less healthy foods and kidneys will work harder than usual and this has the potential to cause disease. Try not to eat foods that contain lots of saturated fat and sugar. Types of good foods consumed to maintain health are like fruits and vegetables. The content of vitamins and mineral substances contained in fruits and vegetables are able to effectively maintain health naturally.

Maintain Weight

stomach sagging due to fat deposits can lower your confidence when chatting with friends. In addition to affecting your emotional state of excess weight (especially obesity) is not good for health because the organs will work harder to erode the fat pile, including kidneys that over time will make it weak performance.

Control Blood Pressure

kidney disease is triggered by high blood pressure. During the last five years in the data obtained from that revealed that as many as 35% of kidney disease caused by high blood pressure.

Drink Water

drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. It is very good for maintaining and taking care of your kidney health.

Avoid Stress

stress that strikes you makes your blood pressure rise and as previously described if high blood pressure then your risk of kidney disease becomes larger.

Diligent Exercise

diligent exercise is the easiest tips to maintain your kidney health. In this case, can be done like walking or running every morning.

Avoiding Some Antibiotics And Anti-Pain Medications

try not to consume or even avoid some antibiotic and anti-pain medication. This is because it can damage your kidneys or consult the use of these drugs to a specialist first.

Health becomes a treasure that is priceless to us. This can be felt in the time of illness. Because if we are sick will spend time and cost is not small. Therefore, we must keep our body healthy.

A Quick Way to Overcome Tired Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul and health. But with long hours of work, lack of sleep, stress, and the use of technology in the long term can make the eye become tired and not prime. In addition to unhealthy, tired-looking eye also affect the appearance and make you look older. Here is a natural way of coping with the tired eye.


Compressing the Eyes

by compressing your eye then you will feel comfortable. Compress with a cold or and let stand for a few minutes. In addition to making this comfortable, it will keep your eyes clean.

Cleaning the Eyes

washing eyes with cold water several times a day can help relax the eyes and reduce the tension that triggers fatigue.

Cold Spoon

put a spoon in the refrigerator so that it can cool. After that, a cold spoon can be placed on the eye as a reflection of tired eyes.

Using Cucumber, Potato or Strawberry Slices

place a slice of cucumber, potato or strawberry in the eye, how to cut a cucumber or potato into a slice and place it in the eyes for 15-20 minutes.

Tea Bags

tea bags can also be trusted to overcome tired eye. Using a cold tea bag, how to pour 2 tea bags into a boiling water in a small saucepan, after boiling off then chill to remove the heat. After the tea bag is completely cold, place it in your eye and make it relax.

Make a Distance With Your Computer

tired eyes are usually caused by too close an eye on a computer screen. Make sure that your seat with the computer is at a good distance. In addition to working in the refrigerated room will make the eye tired quickly because the cold air can make the eye become dry.

Cold milk or Rosewater

rose water and milk are also very useful. Soak a cotton ball in cold milk or rose water, take a bowl of cold milk or rose water, then dip the cotton ball into it. After that place in the petals with the eyes closed.


Massaging the eyelids is also a good way. Before going to bed, try to gently massage your eyelids in a circular motion for 2 minutes. Massage is one way to relax your eye muscles.

Use Anti-Glare Glasses

another way to protect from computer rays is to wear anti-glare glasses. In addition, you can get reflection glasses in pharmacies for tired eye therapy.

The Benefits of Warm Water Baths for Health

Bathing with cold water does have a myriad of health benefits. But bathing with hot water also has benefits that are not less important. Many say that a cold shower is healthier and a hot shower is bad for health.

But actually, both have their respective benefits, depending on their needs. Well, in the article below, we have discussed the benefits of hot baths and cold baths that many people do not know, and when is the best time to choose a hot shower or a cold shower.

The Warm Water Baths can Relieve Stress

When you take a hot shower do not be in a hurry or hurry, take time and enjoy every second to relax in warm water. By doing this you will get a calm effect on the body. Perform this hot bath ritual every time you finish doing the tiring activity.

Refreshing the Agency

Bathing with hot water can also free you from feeling tired and exhausted. So, hot shower is very good when done at night.

Treating Headaches

If you have headaches, choose to take a hot shower because you can relieve headaches quickly.

Overcoming Swollen Face

Swollen face after waking up? Try a hot bath to get over your face and make your swollen face wane.

Reduce Anxiety

If you feel anxious for no reason, try a hot shower to get rid of your anxiety.

Heal the Clogged Nose

A warm water bath is also efficacious overcome nasal congestion and difficulty breathing due to colds or flu.

Remove toxins

Bathing with hot water also cleans and removes toxins and dirt on the surface of your skin.

Open the Pores

Hot water tends to open the pores of your skin and this helps in cleansing in the pores.

Well, that was the benefit of a hot shower that is rarely known. Adjust the type of bath to your needs in order to get the optimum benefits.

Eight Natural Ways to Heal Swollen Feet

There are many things that cause the feet and ankles to become swollen. For example, because of obesity, high blood pressure, or the mother is pregnant. Edema itself is a condition that occurs when the body has problems with gravity, so that blood and fluid gather in the leg area. Edema is not dangerous, but it feels quite uncomfortable if used for walking. To heal it, try it the natural way as quoted from Care2 below.

Magnesium Supplements for Swollen Feet

Magnesium deficiency can trigger swelling in the legs. So try to take magnesium supplements regularly. However, if you are pregnant, it is better to consult the problem with the doctor.


Exercise can improve blood circulation, while yoga is one way to move the body and focus on the circulatory system.  yoga is flexible enough to do, for example by self-study from videos or taking yoga classes.

Tonic Water

Soak the foot in tonic water (carbonated beverage containing quinine). This natural way is able to reduce the inflammation that occurs in the feet and slowly heal the swollen parts.


Just like grapefruit oil, salt water can also be used as an alternative to healing swollen feet. If the swelling is severe enough, the choice of the bath is soaking better for the foot to heal as usual.


Do not be shy about telling your swollen foot problem to a massage expert. They will know how to cure it in a short time. For pregnant women, try contacting a massage or massage specialist who handles pregnant women.

Lifting Feet

Since gravity is the cause of edema, try to lift or position the feet higher than the body parts. For example, lying on the mattress and legs are supported by a pillow that is rather high.


Swimming also helps you heal swollen feet. Because swimming makes the legs keep moving and floating in the water helps the body fight gravity better.


Lastly, do not be lazy to drink water so the feet are not swollen. If bored with water, you can add cucumbers and lemons into it. Because both foods are good anti-inflammatory agents.…

Tips for Proper Cleaning of Tooth Clean

A beautiful smile with the bright white tooth is the dream of many people. Not only lip care that needs to be considered, the teeth become an important part that must be maintained cleanliness. No need to rush to the dentist to get white and brilliant teeth. The following treatments can be easy to make the teeth look clean and brilliant.


Strawberries to Whiten Tooth

One of the foods that can make white teeth is strawberries. This heart-shaped fruit contains Malic Acid that is able to remove stains on the enamel surface and can whiten teeth. In addition, the consumption of crispy foods because at that time the movement of teeth and mouth can decompose plaque attached to the teeth.

Avoid Tea & Coffee Consumption

Too much coffee and tea can stain the color of teeth. The color is thick can stick for a long time in the teeth. We recommend using a straw tooth in direct contact with tea or coffee.

Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth cannot be done carelessly because it makes the teeth are not clean optimally. Brush your teeth gently from the direction of the gums to the teeth, do it by rotating like a massage in the mouth. Use also soft toothbrush hairs. The hard bristles can cause bleeding gums and attenuate the dentist layers of open teeth and dilute the enamel.

Select Lipstick Color

Lipstick color can also make teeth look whiter. Choose a lipstick color like pink, bright red, royal purple and fuchsia for the teeth look whiter. Choose pale pink, sheer pink and bright pink will give a lighter texture to the lips. So those yellow teeth tend to look whiter.

Whitening Toothpaste

Currently, available whitening toothpaste that claimed dental cleaning function. But actually, whitening toothpaste does not contain bleach so it can not whiten teeth. Its function is only to remove the stain so the teeth brighter.…

Learn More Side Effects of Dental Veneer

There are many ways you can improve your appearance. One is the dental veneer. Lately, the trend is bustling among celebrities. Sure, the teeth will get better and affect the better smile. But on the other hand, it turns out it also gives a negative impact on your teeth. Before performing this procedure, it is worth considering the plan after reading the following information.


Lately, the world’s celebrities are busy doing the dental procedure to get better teeth and smile more beautiful. Especially the Indonesian celebrities. For example, Olla Ramlan and Vega Darwanti who once formed the front teeth look like a rabbit’s teeth.

The goal is to coat the surface of the tooth so as not to break easily. However, now veneer becomes a new beauty trend because it can help brighten the color of teeth and improve the shape and position of the teeth. Even in some people, the installation of dental can change the shape of the face becomes gaunter.

Aesthetically, the results offered are quite tempting. No wonder some people are willing to spend up to hundreds of millions to perform this action. But what if viewed from the medical side? Apparently, dental veneer there are still some negative impacts such as the following

Veneer Causes Sensitive Teeth

Before performing the action of dental installation it is necessary to do some stages of preparation. One of them is the process of sharpening the teeth. The process of sharpening of teeth is done to erode the thickness of the tooth that will be installed as much as 0.5 mm veneer so that later teeth that have been fitted veneer does not look thicker or too advanced.

Teeth Can Be Hollow

If you really want to do dental then make sure that the performer is a party that does have the competence. For, to do dental in people who are not experts can be fatal. Improper veneer installation can create a gap between the veneer and the patient’s original tooth.

The Gums Are Irritated

The porcelain veneer uses acid etching in order to adhere the veneer layer to the surface of the tooth. However, the use of acid etching is of concern in terms of method, time, acid concentration, and type of acid used. In the event of errors in its use can make damage to the teeth and gums.…