The Benefits of Maintaining Plants in the House

Generally, you keep the plants outdoors. Because in addition to adding to the scenic beauty, putting vegetal outside the room also means allowing it to get as much sunlight as possible to grow. Then, what if you keep the vegetal in the room because there are several types of vegetal that can sweeten the room at home?  maintaining indoor plants can provide health benefits, you know. Anything?


Plants can Increase Oxygen in the Air

Plants will absorb carbon dioxide, then release oxygen. So by storing vegetal in the room, the concentration of oxygen in the room will increase. Air quality improves, so does the health of the body.

Accelerate Recovery

Studies have shown that maintaining plants in hospital rooms speeds up the recovery rate of patients who recover from surgery. Patients whose rooms are filled with vegetal show that little painkiller consumption, have lower blood pressure, and easy to cope with stress.

Cool the Room

Oxygen is not the only product or end product of photosynthesis. Water also includes the result of photosynthesis. Therefore, putting vegetal in the room can cool the room temperature heats up, especially when the dry season comes.

Filter Pollution

Placing indoor plants is a good way to filter out air pollutants that have adverse health effects. The air is clean and your health improves.

Reduce Disease

In addition to filtered dirty air, plants are also able to remove microbes or dust particles in the air, especially when the rainy season comes. As a result, the health of the body was awake.

Then, what kind of plant is safe to put in the house? According to research quoted from, you can put aloe vera that serves to absorb pollutants in the air, mint leaves that can refresh the room, or lavender duty to repel mosquitoes.