Tips on Choosing Fresh and Healthy Broccoli

Broccoli is a green vegetable that has a very high nutrient and fiber content. Vegetables that have a green color is crowned into a super food because it has tremendous benefits.


Many people, including children, love this vegetable because it tastes so delicious. Because this vegetable is a favorite of the family, we must know how to choose fresh vegetables when buying them. If you buy broccoli in a state that is not fresh will reduce the number of nutrients contained in it

Choose Broccoli Dark Green

If you want to freeze broccoli, of course, you have to use that is still in a fresh state. If you buy at a local supermarket or pick it up from the garden you should know the characteristics of fresh and healthy vegetables. Do not choose a colored or yellowish head. Because this mark has passed its freshness and will bloom with this condition it usually has a rather hard texture.

As Big As

Another thing we should consider when choosing broccoli is we must pay attention to the size of the flower shape. For ideal size, you should choose the small size and evenly. Small size and evenly with buds slightly smaller this indicates that the vegetables in fresh condition and prime.

Strong Head

The texture of broccoli is very important to note. you better use your hands to know the texture. either by squeezing it or turning it slowly. If you decide to grow your own broccoli, you should also pay attention to how to pick it. Picking in the morning would be much better. So, take advantage of the opportunity to get the maximum freshness from your vegetables.

Those are some tips for choosing fresh and healthy vegetables, so with the above information, you can immediately practice it directly when you choose vegetables. Maybe useful


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Soybeans Have Many Health Benefits

soybeans are one of the most common types of beans in the world. This is because of the amount of nutrients and benefits for health.


Soybeans include peas that have many nutrients. It also has very abundant benefits. Nutrients contained in it include protein, fat, fiber, calcium, lecithin, and other vitamins. Peanuts of this type can also be processed into processed ingredients such as tofu, until milk.

Soybeans Can Increase Metabolism

As mentioned above, soy is a high source of vegetable protein. If you have enough protein in your body, then the metabolic function and overall body system will get a big improvement. Protein is the building blocks of cells and blood vessels, and basically there in every important part of the human body. Soy protein will ensure the health and regrowth of body cells if necessary repaired or replaced with new ones. For vegans or vegetarians, it is very difficult to get enough protein, so for them, soy is an excellent protein substitute usually obtained from meat, chicken, eggs, dairy products and fish.

Healthy Diet

Soy can help people to eliminate excessive eating habits that increase the risk of obesity. but soy contains high fiber and protein, so if eaten in large quantities can cause weight gain. Therefore, soy is beneficial for those who want to lose or gain weight. In addition, raising weight with soy is healthier because of low fat or cholesterol.


Soy contains high levels of calcium that can strengthen bones and prevent bone loss. In addition to calcium, soy also contains phytoestrogens that work to strengthen bones.

Prevents Anemia

Soy can regulate a number of aspects of metabolism, which can help reduce sleep disorders and insomnia. However, soy also has a high magnesium content associated with increased quality, duration, and comfort during sleep.


Soy contains lots of fiber and antioxidant. If consumed properly and coupled with enough exercise, can prevent premature aging.

Although many aspects are useful, but should not consume soybeans in excess. High soy contains estrogen, so men who consume in large quantities can cause hormonal problems. In addition, There are also certain anti-thyroidal compounds, which can interfere with the activity of the thyroid gland and cause goiter, as well as disruption of hormonal activity in the body. Maybe useful…

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