Cures Red Eyes with Natural Ingredients

Almost everyone has had red eyes, from mild to very severe. The cause of red eyes can be diverse. The lightest cause of sore eyes is usually conjunctivitis or a natural reaction due to allergies. But there are other conditions that cause red eyes and are very severe, such as acute glaucoma or infection of the cornea of the eye. From a variety of conditions that cause sore eyes, usually conjunctivitis or allergy are the most common causes that cause the eyes to become red. The required treatment is usually not so difficult either.


Red Eyes

In addition to sore eyes, irritation of the eyes will also cause other symptoms such as the eyes become swollen and itchy. If you experience red eyes accompanied by some of these symptoms then you can try some natural treatment methods as follows.

Garlic can Cure Red Eyes

The first natural ingredient to treat red eyes is garlic. For some people may think that garlic is only useful as a cooking spice. In fact, garlic turned out to be used as herbal medicine, one of them to treat red eyes. Garlic may create a tempting sensation for a while if used in the eye area. But the pain will gradually disappear and the eyes will return to normal.

Pure Milk

Pure milk is rich in nutrients that are good for health. Drinking pure cow milk proves to improve bone health, beautify the skin, neutralize toxins in the body, and much more. But the benefits of pure cow milk this time you will not get by drinking it, but by rubbing it.

Air Rose

Rose water has been used more often as a beauty treatment or as an aromatherapy. But for those of you who suffer from red eyes then you can use rose water as a natural ingredient to overcoming the problem. To overcome red eye you simply clean your red-eye using rose water regularly 3 times a day.