Eight Natural Ways to Heal Swollen Feet

There are many things that cause the feet and ankles to become swollen. For example, because of obesity, high blood pressure, or the mother is pregnant. Edema itself is a condition that occurs when the body has problems with gravity, so that blood and fluid gather in the leg area. Edema is not dangerous, but it feels quite uncomfortable if used for walking. To heal it, try it the natural way as quoted from Care2 below.

Magnesium Supplements for Swollen Feet

Magnesium deficiency can trigger swelling in the legs. So try to take magnesium supplements regularly. However, if you are pregnant, it is better to consult the problem with the doctor.


Exercise can improve blood circulation, while yoga is one way to move the body and focus on the circulatory system.  yoga is flexible enough to do, for example by self-study from videos or taking yoga classes.

Tonic Water

Soak the foot in tonic water (carbonated beverage containing quinine). This natural way is able to reduce the inflammation that occurs in the feet and slowly heal the swollen parts.


Just like grapefruit oil, salt water can also be used as an alternative to healing swollen feet. If the swelling is severe enough, the choice of the bath is soaking better for the foot to heal as usual.


Do not be shy about telling your swollen foot problem to a massage expert. They will know how to cure it in a short time. For pregnant women, try contacting a massage or massage specialist who handles pregnant women.

Lifting Feet

Since gravity is the cause of edema, try to lift or position the feet higher than the body parts. For example, lying on the mattress and legs are supported by a pillow that is rather high.


Swimming also helps you heal swollen feet. Because swimming makes the legs keep moving and floating in the water helps the body fight gravity better.


Lastly, do not be lazy to drink water so the feet are not swollen. If bored with water, you can add cucumbers and lemons into it. Because both foods are good anti-inflammatory agents.