Learn More Side Effects of Dental Veneer

There are many ways you can improve your appearance. One is the dental veneer. Lately, the trend is bustling among celebrities. Sure, the teeth will get better and affect the better smile. But on the other hand, it turns out it also gives a negative impact on your teeth. Before performing this procedure, it is worth considering the plan after reading the following information.


Lately, the world’s celebrities are busy doing the dental procedure to get better teeth and smile more beautiful. Especially the Indonesian celebrities. For example, Olla Ramlan and Vega Darwanti who once formed the front teeth look like a rabbit’s teeth.

The goal is to coat the surface of the tooth so as not to break easily. However, now veneer becomes a new beauty trend because it can help brighten the color of teeth and improve the shape and position of the teeth. Even in some people, the installation of dental can change the shape of the face becomes gaunter.

Aesthetically, the results offered are quite tempting. No wonder some people are willing to spend up to hundreds of millions to perform this action. But what if viewed from the medical side? Apparently, dental veneer there are still some negative impacts such as the following

Veneer Causes Sensitive Teeth

Before performing the action of dental installation it is necessary to do some stages of preparation. One of them is the process of sharpening the teeth. The process of sharpening of teeth is done to erode the thickness of the tooth that will be installed as much as 0.5 mm veneer so that later teeth that have been fitted veneer does not look thicker or too advanced.

Teeth Can Be Hollow

If you really want to do dental then make sure that the performer is a party that does have the competence. For, to do dental in people who are not experts can be fatal. Improper veneer installation can create a gap between the veneer and the patient’s original tooth.

The Gums Are Irritated

The porcelain veneer uses acid etching in order to adhere the veneer layer to the surface of the tooth. However, the use of acid etching is of concern in terms of method, time, acid concentration, and type of acid used. In the event of errors in its use can make damage to the teeth and gums.