Why Hand Washing is Important for Health

Hand washing is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of disease. Your hands often become mediators of various bacteria to enter the body. In order to get maximum results, you should know how to handwashing the right technique.

Hand Washing

There are many people who think that washing hands often will waste their time. However, they do not realize that the hand is the host of bacteria and viruses that cause infectious diseases. Did you know that washing hands regularly is the most important factor for maintaining health? Why? Here’s why.

Hand Washing can Prevent Germs That Are Not Visible

The nature of bacteria, germs, or viruses is microscopic. That means we can not see them with the naked eye. Need a separate tool to make sure. However, that does not mean they do not exist. Instead, they are scattered everywhere. Included in our closest objects. Which are likely to be contaminated. Whether it’s smartphones, desks, brushes, shoes, and so on. It could also be from various activities that have invited them invisibly. Whether it’s sneezing, coughing, getting in contact with animals, etc

Preventing Spread of Germs

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One effective way to stay healthy is to wash your hands properly and correctly. However, the hands are often used to touch other parts of the body. Without feeling, we will touch the cheek, mouth, nose, eyes, etc. A clean hygienic hand certainly is not a threat. Different again if the hands are dirty, so the germs can quickly spread. If the method of hand washing is appropriate. Be can clean the germs and prevent them from getting scattered.


Can we compare? Discipline wash hands and stay healthy, with a bad attitude that culminates in a clinic or hospital. It will cost a second more. Hand washing sucks more capital in the form of awareness, soap, and water. While the effects of dislike hand washing can reach a greater cost.

Maintain Health

This last point as an ultimatum, that we must keep the mandate of God Almighty. This obligation includes also ensuring that our surroundings are also clean hygienic. Thus, the state of the body will remain stable, healthy, and fit. Our activities also tend to smoothly without any interference.…

The Benefits of Maintaining Plants in the House

Generally, you keep the plants outdoors. Because in addition to adding to the scenic beauty, putting vegetal outside the room also means allowing it to get as much sunlight as possible to grow. Then, what if you keep the vegetal in the room because there are several types of vegetal that can sweeten the room at home?  maintaining indoor plants can provide health benefits, you know. Anything?


Plants can Increase Oxygen in the Air

Plants will absorb carbon dioxide, then release oxygen. So by storing vegetal in the room, the concentration of oxygen in the room will increase. Air quality improves, so does the health of the body.

Accelerate Recovery

Studies have shown that maintaining plants in hospital rooms speeds up the recovery rate of patients who recover from surgery. Patients whose rooms are filled with vegetal show that little painkiller consumption, have lower blood pressure, and easy to cope with stress.

Cool the Room

Oxygen is not the only product or end product of photosynthesis. Water also includes the result of photosynthesis. Therefore, putting vegetal in the room can cool the room temperature heats up, especially when the dry season comes.

Filter Pollution

Placing indoor plants is a good way to filter out air pollutants that have adverse health effects. The air is clean and your health improves.

Reduce Disease

In addition to filtered dirty air, plants are also able to remove microbes or dust particles in the air, especially when the rainy season comes. As a result, the health of the body was awake.

Then, what kind of plant is safe to put in the house? According to research quoted from boldsky.com, you can put aloe vera that serves to absorb pollutants in the air, mint leaves that can refresh the room, or lavender duty to repel mosquitoes.…

Cures Red Eyes with Natural Ingredients

Almost everyone has had red eyes, from mild to very severe. The cause of red eyes can be diverse. The lightest cause of sore eyes is usually conjunctivitis or a natural reaction due to allergies. But there are other conditions that cause red eyes and are very severe, such as acute glaucoma or infection of the cornea of the eye. From a variety of conditions that cause sore eyes, usually conjunctivitis or allergy are the most common causes that cause the eyes to become red. The required treatment is usually not so difficult either.


Red Eyes

In addition to sore eyes, irritation of the eyes will also cause other symptoms such as the eyes become swollen and itchy. If you experience red eyes accompanied by some of these symptoms then you can try some natural treatment methods as follows.

Garlic can Cure Red Eyes

The first natural ingredient to treat red eyes is garlic. For some people may think that garlic is only useful as a cooking spice. In fact, garlic turned out to be used as herbal medicine, one of them to treat red eyes. Garlic may create a tempting sensation for a while if used in the eye area. But the pain will gradually disappear and the eyes will return to normal.

Pure Milk

Pure milk is rich in nutrients that are good for health. Drinking pure cow milk proves to improve bone health, beautify the skin, neutralize toxins in the body, and much more. But the benefits of pure cow milk this time you will not get by drinking it, but by rubbing it.

Air Rose

Rose water has been used more often as a beauty treatment or as an aromatherapy. But for those of you who suffer from red eyes then you can use rose water as a natural ingredient to overcoming the problem. To overcome red eye you simply clean your red-eye using rose water regularly 3 times a day.…