Tips for Maintaining Your Kidney Health

The kidney is one of several vital organs in the body that function as a system of excretion in humans. Inside the body, there is a pair of kidneys located in the area near the waist. The length of one human kidney organ is about 10 cm and the weight range is more than 200 grams.


the kidneys play an important role in regulating acid-base balance, regulating blood pressure, stimulating the bone marrow to make red blood cells, helping to maintain calcium for bone. So big the role of the kidney in our body, we have to keep our kidney health. Here are tips on how to maintain kidney health:

Maintain a Diet for Your Kidney Health

Maintaining the health of the kidneys is by maintaining our diet. By eating less healthy foods and kidneys will work harder than usual and this has the potential to cause disease. Try not to eat foods that contain lots of saturated fat and sugar. Types of good foods consumed to maintain health are like fruits and vegetables. The content of vitamins and mineral substances contained in fruits and vegetables are able to effectively maintain health naturally.

Maintain Weight

stomach sagging due to fat deposits can lower your confidence when chatting with friends. In addition to affecting your emotional state of excess weight (especially obesity) is not good for health because the organs will work harder to erode the fat pile, including kidneys that over time will make it weak performance.

Control Blood Pressure

kidney disease is triggered by high blood pressure. During the last five years in the data obtained from that revealed that as many as 35% of kidney disease caused by high blood pressure.

Drink Water

drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. It is very good for maintaining and taking care of your kidney health.

Avoid Stress

stress that strikes you makes your blood pressure rise and as previously described if high blood pressure then your risk of kidney disease becomes larger.

Diligent Exercise

diligent exercise is the easiest tips to maintain your kidney health. In this case, can be done like walking or running every morning.

Avoiding Some Antibiotics And Anti-Pain Medications

try not to consume or even avoid some antibiotic and anti-pain medication. This is because it can damage your kidneys or consult the use of these drugs to a specialist first.

Health becomes a treasure that is priceless to us. This can be felt in the time of illness. Because if we are sick will spend time and cost is not small. Therefore, we must keep our body healthy.