Tips for Proper Cleaning of Tooth Clean

A beautiful smile with the bright white tooth is the dream of many people. Not only lip care that needs to be considered, the teeth become an important part that must be maintained cleanliness. No need to rush to the dentist to get white and brilliant teeth. The following treatments can be easy to make the teeth look clean and brilliant.


Strawberries to Whiten Tooth

One of the foods that can make white teeth is strawberries. This heart-shaped fruit contains Malic Acid that is able to remove stains on the enamel surface and can whiten teeth. In addition, the consumption of crispy foods because at that time the movement of teeth and mouth can decompose plaque attached to the teeth.

Avoid Tea & Coffee Consumption

Too much coffee and tea can stain the color of teeth. The color is thick can stick for a long time in the teeth. We recommend using a straw tooth in direct contact with tea or coffee.

Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth cannot be done carelessly because it makes the teeth are not clean optimally. Brush your teeth gently from the direction of the gums to the teeth, do it by rotating like a massage in the mouth. Use also soft toothbrush hairs. The hard bristles can cause bleeding gums and attenuate the dentist layers of open teeth and dilute the enamel.

Select Lipstick Color

Lipstick color can also make teeth look whiter. Choose a lipstick color like pink, bright red, royal purple and fuchsia for the teeth look whiter. Choose pale pink, sheer pink and bright pink will give a lighter texture to the lips. So those yellow teeth tend to look whiter.

Whitening Toothpaste

Currently, available whitening toothpaste that claimed dental cleaning function. But actually, whitening toothpaste does not contain bleach so it can not whiten teeth. Its function is only to remove the stain so the teeth brighter.