6 Facts About Passports Everyone Thinks Are True

Three types of Passports

An official document that is usually issued by the local government of a particular country with the personal information of the holder namely date of birth, full names, nationality, finger print and even the passport photo; this is to certify that he or she is a citizen of that particular country and use this as a ticket to travel to other foreign countries under its protection is referred to as a passport. When applying for a passport you should be able to know the kind of passport that you are looking for. This is because they have three categories namely a regular passport, child passport and a temporary passport. All these three are always taken under certain terms and conditions which the applicant must meet in order to be able to get issued with one. The description of these three types of passports is as follows.

The first type of passport is the regular passport. This is always issued in every country all over the world. They will have all the information of the holder though they might differ I appearance. This kind of passport is usually issued to people who are above the age of fifteen. The applicant might not be travelling at that particular time but they will just have it just incase. All regular passports have got serial numbers and passports that are unique to just them. It os always valid for just a few years depending on the country. You will have to renew it once it expires.

The second one is the child passport. This type of passport is only issued to children. Kids cannot be issued with regular passport provided they are under the age of fifteen. The child passport do not have a lot of information apart from the basic information. Some of the information that you will find in the passport include the full name of the child, the nationality and the passport photo of the kid. Any child will get to own a child passport only with a valid reason and this will take some time.

The third one is the temporary passport. Just like the name would suggest it is only issued for a short period of time. This will always be issued to those that do not own a regular passport yet they need to travel to a foreign country urgently as the page explains. You can also use this kind of passport to visit those countries that do not require you to have a regular passport in order to vist. In such a case your country will issue you with a temporary passport that you will use to visit that country for just the few number of days.