6 Lessons Learned: Bongs

How to Find and Choose a Glass Bong

Many people actually have discovered the dazzling pieces that are found in display cases in smoke shops. You probably may have drooled over it or reading articles regarding the amazing pieces of smoking gears. There also are some people who are excited to get the piece that made them even more exciting of holding and touching it.

One of the best thing about buying glass is that you are buying both a tool and an art. This is why you should consider some things below to know what you are looking for.

Type of Smoking you Do

Will you keep the piece at home or are you travelling a lot? Would it be a stealth pocket piece or a proud smoking piece? These would be some things which you should consider and you have to also consider the importance of efficiency or effect.

Travel or Home Use?

When you are ever in search for a small piece that you could take to various places, you should consider a strong or a thick glass and when the item is bigger, consider getting a carrying case.

Even the small glass bongs comes with lined cases are able to will help to keep it safe during travels. The travel pieces should have a smooth design without weak points that could break or snap if it fell. It would be best to also consider one that’s easy to clean and drain.

If this is only a home piece, does it need to be hidden or just stay in the open? Size and style are also important considerations.

Cool or Hot?

In case you are a hard hitter, you may be interested for a form of steamroller or a larger pipe which has a carb.

When you opt for one that’s smooth a bong would be best or a bubbler. For every time that it goes through water, the smoke will cool and is going to get smoother. There are also some multi-chamber bubblers when you wish to go for overkill.

If you are ever into chill, a glass bong that’s designed to hold ice is one that’s best to go for. You also could find some bongs which have parts which can be frozen like cooler packs that you can actually take with you on a camping trip or place it inside your lunch box at work.

Performance or Artistry?

Some people usually think that clear pieces are not beautiful, but the sheer artistry with hand blown glasses are beautiful. Hand-blown glasses have colors that astounds and the wacky designs are like imaginations which runs wild.

The borosilicate glass could be made to an amazing piece which makes your hands itch to hold one and comes with a glass that’s stronger than some of the hand-blown creations. It is also easier to clean because they are capable of handling temperature fluctuations much better.

The best kind of pieces are usually the ones that are able to bring all the best together.

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