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Reasons Why You the Ministry of Christian Renewal is a Place to Be

Most people believe that when you say with your mouth that Jesus is lord, makes the period of total rest whereas it is actually the start of a beautiful journey which will need other believers. Regardless of the time you have had in Christianity, you still need a place where you can be nourished spiritually daily. Actually, people of the same character will always be friends and will be walking together. That is why the church was formed, a place where you can have fellowships if you are called to ministry, are will get well equipped, if you need counsel you get from the church. Water from the Rock is a name they took from a biblical stories which give the story of how the children of Israel were given water from the rock by God. Below are some explanations why here at thee Ministry of Christian Renewal.

May be you have watched a television or listened to your radio and after the preacher as done giving the word, thy conclude by saying that you have just received Christ in your heart go to a church that believes the word of God. Water from Rock phoenix bible study is aministry under the Ministry of Christian Renewal which is to help the members study the word. The name Water from Rock is derived from the book of Exodus about the children of Israel where they called upon the lord and He heard them by giving them Water from a Rock You can never claim to know God if you do not know His word which is his mind. Therefore, the ministry of Christian renewal has achieved to teach the word of God through their ministry called Water from Rock

The Ministry of Christian Renewal is also known for its reputation when it comes to raising up strong and honest leaders. The ministry believes in an all- rounded type of leadership whether in politics or corporate world. Talents and gifts are from God to equip the body hence the ministry of Christian Renewal has taken this seriously ready to nurture and encourage the right use of them.

It is okay to be faced with difficulties in life, is a just human. That challenge will require you to seek guidance from an expert which the church has taken care of by having people to guide you through the process. In the face of such challenges, just seek for counsel by clicking their number on your gadget and you will find the help and attention you need.