Faceless Figures

There is a huge love that sweeps across anyone’s face when someone mentions figures from the Willow Tree line. But what is it exactly that causes such feverish devotion to collectors of these pint-sized figurines? And why are they all faceless? Here is a little bit more about them for the avid devotee.

The figurines actually find their origins in Kansas City, MO, designed and sculpted by none other than Susan Lordi. She has hand-designed each and every piece put out so far and there is no intention of stopping any time soon. She states that her inspiration for the Willow Tree figures comes from her great love of friends, family, and nature.

When asked why all of the human figurines are faceless, the answer was quite simple. They were in no way intended to be creepy or scary. Quite the opposite, actually. They are faceless because that way the owner can project who or what they envision the figurine represents. She also claims that it is much easier for some people to express themselves in a visual manner versus a verbal manner so the figurines make for a perfect gift for someone to show their love.

For those collectors who wonder why the entire line has been dubbed Willo Tree, this is because the creator thinks that trees possess an anthropomorphic quality. When she carves trees, she is reminded of human qualities such as strength and perseverance. Both qualities which many people aspire to but few fail to attain. It is with great care and love that these figures are created and if the legions of collectors have any say in the matter, the figures will continue to be made for a long time to come. They will remain a source of inspiration and beauty for those who adore them.