Hiking Essentials for the Active Type

Hiking is a fun activity to do if you like the outdoors and enjoy vigorous walks. There are many trails all over the country ranged from easy to difficult. Some hikers enjoy leisurely day hikes, while other enthusiasts take the plunge and hike the Appalachian Trail, a cross country hike that can take months. But hiking is even more than a single activity. Many other outdoor activities such as fishing, sightseeing and bird-watching all take a little hiking to get to prime locations in nature. It’s imperative that when hiking, you pack the essentials and wear proper outdoor clothing. These things will get you comfortably and safely where you are going, and back home again.

Whether you are preparing for an outdoor activity that involves hiking, or setting out for a long mountainous hike, what you wear should be the same. You also need to have supplies for basic first aid, such as bandages and bug spray. For a full list of first aid basics and common hiking injuries to prepare for, read this list. No matter if you are heading to a favorite fishing hole, or climbing to the top of a mountain, injuries can slow you down and affect your entire experience.

What you wear in an active outdoor activity can really make or break your experience. Wear performance long sleeve shirts even in warm weather. The long sleeves act as a sunblock to your skin and a bug repellent. They also protect your skin from getting scraped by rocks or branches you brush against on your hike. The material will wick moisture away from your body and help you stay dry. This will help prevent any uncomfortable rashes in high moisture areas. Take care to wear long pants and pack the necessary jackets or hats for your activity. Hiking is most comfortable in hiking shoes with strong soles and tight laces, to keep your feet protected and in place.

Always pack for your activity and prepare for the unexpected. An extra water bottle goes a long way if you find that your hike was longer than expected, or you get lost. Be sure you have a map or hike in places you know well. If you’re hiking to a location for another activity such as fishing or bird-watching, make sure your pack for that activity too. Bring binoculars, fishing rods and tackle, or any other accoutrements you need. Read this list of hiking essentials to make sure you don’t forget something important.

No matter the length of your hike, what you wear on your body will make or break the experience. Keeping moisture wicking material on your skin will allow your body to enjoy nature and the outdoors with less overheating. Hiking can be a pleasant pastime when your body is comfortable and cool. Take care that your bag is fully packed with the essentials, and you have a basic knowledge of first aid. With the proper knowledge, clothing and gear you will be all set to enjoy any outdoor activity you like.