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Things to Keep In Mind When Designing Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are a great way of appreciating your juniors when they do well in their duties. In the past custom challenge coins were just used in the military, but nowadays businesses and also social events organizers are using custom coins to make their events more memorable. You always want your custom challenge coin to be unique, so you have to look for a special design for your coin that will make it unique. You may have an idea of the custom coin design that you want but you do not know how to put it to life, so you may use some help into drawing your idea. View here so as to learn more about the tips on how to design your custom challenge coins.

Take note of the occasion where you want to use custom coins and use that to look for a unique design. You may be designing custom coins for a birthday party, so use the cake and the balloons to design the print to add on the custom coin.

The artwork will also be greatly influenced by the event that you making the custom coins for, so look for a great artwork. For this military custom challenge coins you can use war jet or rifles to be your artwork of the coin face.

Between the soft and the hard enamel coins decide which one you want for your custom challenge coins. Comparing the texture that you want for your custom challenge coins decide which one to choose because the hard enamel is smooth and the soft enamel have a rough feel on the touch.

Consider the quantity of the custom coins that you want but also remember that supplier companies always offer discounts on more coins.

To give you coins a magnificent look, choose a beautiful plating material that you like from the option the supplier company offers. You can choose to use highly polished gold or silver or bronze for your custom coins. Each plating material though has different costs so you should choose the one you can afford.

Consider the size of the custom coins that you want either small or large or medium. Choose the kind of edge you would like your custom coins to have. Custom coins can have a flat edge or a flat weave edge, so when you walk to a supplier request them to show you samples so that you can see how they look on the coins.