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Small Business Innovation and the Supporting of the Competitive Edge

On top of the list of must-needs for small businesses to compete in the global market is that of business innovation. One of the factors that will affect business innovation is pressure. As a small business, the kind of pressure that will be coming to you from your competition will always push them to have to think of new ideas and get to adapt to the new environment. Innovation can as well be from within the company itself since the pressure so generated may be the only thing that the employees may require in order to kick start the innovative process. There is as such a lot of benefits from positive pressure as it is the source of stimulation that will get your employees to start thinking out of the normal realm.

The actual conundrum however in most cases is how to convert the virtual business ideas or thoughts into business practices in actual sense. It is at this point in the business innovation process that your employees will need to have a bit of encouragement and support of a positive kind. If you are the business CEO, you will need to show as much commitment to the course of the new product development as you are in the existing lines of products. It is important that you have in mind the fact that the process of innovation does not just end at the point of coming up with the new business ideas but will as well fall into the process of adapting the existing versions from your developed creative dreams. You thus need to have fostered in the business environment that will apply the creative thoughts to the problems and from these find the most suitable solutions to the particular problems. Innovation in a business can be fostered by the CEO by applying any of the following methods. One of the most common ways which has been used by many chief executives is by having a streamline of the individual contribution in the company. You can as well foster innovation by having in place a bonus or Incentive program which will be towards the rewarding of any form of contribution towards product development and business innovation, from the groups and as well individuals.

To master innovation and product development one must indeed be a master in their particular fields of choice. You will need to have a leadership of a kind when it comes to Technology leadership and as well a commitment to know more on a particular product than a competitor may know so as to bridge the Innovation Gap that is always attending these efforts towards business innovation and product development.

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