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The Ways How AA Coins are Acquired

Sobriety coin is basically a token given to 12 step group or Alcoholics Anonymous members showing how long they’ve stayed sober. While we know that these groups are giving the coins, some people buy them at The Token Shop. Traditionally, this is a medallion that’s roughly the same size of poker chip which marks the sobriety time achieved by the person, awarded to him or her for being able to abstain from alcohol while in the program.

However, no matter how rampant AA organizations are, still there’s no official token or medallion for such. Alcoholics Anonymous was not the first organization to make use of these sobriety chips. Whether you believe it or not, there are various temperance societies that also hand out medallion to people who have committed themselves from not drinking or using alcohol while monitoring the duration they have stayed sober as well. If you like to learn further about this subject, then it is recommended to keep on reading.

Even in today’s time, the history of how AA chip has come about is still a mystery. But there are some theories saying that it originated in Indianapolis in 1942. It is believed that it was Doherty S. who founded Alcoholics Anonymous in their state and from there, everyone else followed his footsteps.

When the twelve step member receives their first chip, they are told that it’s a sign of commitment of the Alcoholics Anonymous and not their commitment to the group. Sobriety coins themselves do not just help the bearer stay sober but there have been several studies showing that there is a link between the visual appearance of the coin and the self resolve of the holder. This is also the same reason to why some people who have loved ones or relatives who are abusing alcohol and don’t want to join AA sessions are buying The Token Shop hoping that it will does positive impact. After all, the coins are made to motivate its holder to maintain abstinence from their alcohol addiction.

AA is not an exclusive group so whether you are a man, woman, white, black, etc. you are free. They flock with a goal to share their hopes, strengths and experiences to each other hoping to solve their common enemy and at the same time, to provide support to others to ultimately be freed from their addiction.

As a way to show how each member remained sober, a lot of AA groups utilize chips of a certain alloy or color that constitutes the time that person is free from alcohol.

As a matter of fact, right now is the perfect time on how you can fix your life and stay sober.