Understanding What Makes Aldi Unique from Other Stores

Everyone loves the prices savings they get at discount stores. However, very few people know the secrets behind what makes Aldi such a successful discount store. Here are 12 major reasons that they have cornered the market on discount stores and are spreading across the United States faster than any other market like it.

Each Product Has Multiple Barcodes
To save time with every customer and reduce costs, there are multiple barcodes placed on every item. This allows the cashier the ability to scan faster and ring up each item the first time it is scanned.

Store Boxes are Designed for Their Discount Store Alone
The bulk boxes that are placed on each shelf are specifically designed to save time. When they are stocking shelves, all they need to do is tear the top off the box and place it on the shelf. They make each box easily identifiable, so you can locate every item you need without much effort. Their boxes are also designed so that you can use a spare box if you forget to bring your reusable shopping bags with you.

Bread is Marked Down 5 Days Before Expiration
To ensure that their bread does not expire, or become stale, they go through the extra effort of marking their bread down 5 days before it is set to expire. Search for the expiration date on each loaf of bread to ensure its expiration date and you can save a lot of money.

Bags Are Not Provided for Shopping
Bags are not automatically provided for your shopping trip. This is another effort they have made to save money and reduce the amount of waste that goes into manufacturing plastic and paper bags. You can choose to purchase their brand of bags, or you can bring your own bags from other stores. They do not have restrictions on this.

Refrigerated Stock is Automatically Managed
Because it is important to rotate stock, they have taken extra measures to ensure that their stock is properly managed. By having employees stock the refrigerated shelves from the back, the newer stock automatically goes in the back. Staff is also responsible for checking dates on every item on the front of the shelf to ensure that nothing is past the date of expiration, and anything close to expiring is marked down for quick purchase and use.

Products are Locally Sourced
In order to ensure their prices remain low, all markets focus on purchase locally sourced goods. This is especially true when it comes to dairy products. Not only do they want to save you money, they want to ensure that people are taking advantage of the wholesome benefits of locally sourced goods.

They Offer A Lot of Organic and Gluten Free Foods
Surprisingly, they are one of the few discount stores that offer their own lines of gluten-free and organic foods. This is a huge advantage because these foods can be extremely expensive if you purchase them from larger markets or when they are purchased on a name brand basis.

If you are looking for a great selection of amazing produce and a selection of foods you may not have previously considered, they offer a great variety of great products at a discount rate so that everyone can afford to eat healthier, and follow any special diet that has been recommended to them.